Monte Carlo experiment, Excel version

Last last week I happened upon a headline on that caught my attention:  a Monte Carlo experiment.  The article featured a project from developer Alosh Bennett who used java to create a Monte Carlo web app to allow a user to use a number of random plots and to see how the result compared with PI.   I thought that replicating this app in Microsoft Excel might be a great way to pass the time and learn something over the weekend.

The next chapter

In February I started a new job with Cargill Protein & Salt in Wichita Kansas.  One of the conditions for my employment was shutting down the Data Library. It is now July and I continue to ponder about a different way that I can continue to be on the web but in a way that is different so as to not be a conflict with my employer. 

A few weeks ago I installed the newly released Drupal 8 on my web server and now I'm looking for a reason to use it.  I anticipate some experimentation so I appreciate your understanding and I hope you enjoy the journey with me. 

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